Best Formal Dining Room Sets Ideas And Reviews

Buying an ideal formal dining room set a couple of decades ago used to be a rather simple affair. Probably all you had to do was decide on a particular size that would be an ideal fit and how much you can afford to shell out. You could then just go to a local retail furniture store and get one without bothering about any other things such as the style and design.

Needless to mention, times have changed significantly since then, and the days when size and price were the only factors while choosing a formal or even casual dining room set for that matter are long gone. Nowadays, the requirements have changed quite a bit.

It’s believed that the value of your home depends on quite a few factors, and your home’s furniture is surely an important one. Similarly, if you want to keep up with the “modern” home requirements, you need to be very specific when it comes to choosing a dining room set.

Top Most Selling Dining Sets

That being said, the market seems to have been flooded with a wide range of formal dining room sets. The prices vary quite a bit too, and so do the style, shape, design, and more.

Hence, it can get very overwhelming to choose the one that will be a great fit for your home, and help enhance its look. Apparently, it’s also very common to fall for a wrong product, especially if you aren’t really aware of what to look for.

If you simply rely on the suggestions offered by the salesman at your local furniture store, chances are that the product you would end up buying would be far from ideal for your home.

With that being said, we are going to make the task significantly easier for you by sharing a detailed buyer guide as well as reviewing what seem to be some of the best formal dining room sets out there.

So let’s just cut to the chase and get started with it.


Well, the most important factor while choosing a dining room set a couple of decades ago is still an important factor. After all, it’s very easy to pick a wrong size, and as a result, mess up the look of your home or the room it’s placed in.

The two most common mistakes when it comes to the size of the dining table include choosing one that’s too large, or one that’s too small. Choosing an oversized dining set may make your room look messy and you may find it difficult to even get around the table.

On the other hand, choosing a dining table that’s too small would be barely noticeable in your room, and may just look like a general piece of furniture in your room rather than something that enhances its look. More importantly, however, it may make you feel uncomfortable while using it, as it may not offer enough space to accommodate the diners comfortably.

7 piece dining set

So what should the ideal size be like? Well, the rule of thumb here seems to be having at least 24 inches space in smaller rooms, around 36 inches in standard-sized rooms, and 42-48 inches in grand-sized rooms between the walls of the room and the dining table. This usually helps make sure that there is enough space to move around and it’s comfortable to get up and sit on the dining chairs.

However, while going for a formal dining set, you may want to stick to slightly higher numbers than the ones mentioned above in order to also accommodate the occasional guests comfortably. Similarly, your family size will obviously be an important factor too.

Finally, it’s worth adding that nowadays, most formal dining room sets, and even other types of dining room sets, are actually classified according to how many furniture pieces (including dining chairs) they come with. This means that a 3-piece dining room set is supposed to accommodate three people, a 5-piece one five people, and so on.

However, it’s still not common to come across customers’ complaints that the dining table set they bought doesn’t really accommodate as many people as it claimed to. Hence, the above mentioned information would be very useful in finding out the right size your dining table needs to be of. This would also safeguard you against false marketing claims by the sellers.

Finally, remember that when you’re in the market for a formal dining room set, the right thing to do would be to go for a slightly larger set than you actually think you need, as you can never be sure of how many guests it may have to accommodate in the future.

9 piece dining room set


Shape of the dining set didn’t used to be a very important factor a long time back. However, with modern interior designs and concepts making their way into your home, it has surely become one nowadays.

This is also probably the reason many formal dining room sets come in many different shapes. With that being said, let us take a look at some of the most popular ones out there.

The classic rectangular shape 

The rectangular shape is probably the most popular of the lot, thanks to coming with the rather rare combination of functionality and looks. While usually formal dining sets coming in a rectangular shape don’t fail to impress your guests, the practical design also helps meet all your needs perfectly well.

Oval or round shape

While the rectangular shape is the most popular, the oval shape isn’t lagging far behind as well. In fact, when it comes to smaller rooms, oval or round shaped dining tables are probably the best option.

Besides not taking up much space, they also help create a more intimate setting, which is something diners will always find pleasant given they are just a few. In other words, it wouldn’t make sense to go for an oval or round shaped dining table, especially if it’s a smaller one, if you’re looking to accommodate more than five people together.

Square shape 

Unsurprisingly, square-shaped dining sets are probably the least preferred option, and for a good reason. Not many of them manage to enhance the look of the place as much as the above ones do, but they are still preferred for some specific reasons.

For one, if the room is long and narrow, a square-shaped dining table may be a good option. Similarly, if you’re just looking to host four to six people, a square-shaped dining table may work well. Some larger ones may even be able to accommodate as many as eight people.

However, finally, not many prefer to go for square-shaped dining set especially if the room it’s supposed to be placed in is a lavish one as it may not do much to enhance the look of the room further.

Style is crucial 

When it comes to formal dining room sets, style and theme mean everything. Sure, with the right shape and size the dining room set may be a functional and attractive one, but to make it really suit your room, you need to get the style and theme right.

This is especially true for formal dining sets, as they need to come in a different style and have a rather “formal” feel to them. That being said, if you’re looking for a dining room set for an open floor plan, you may want to go for one that matches the look of the area perfectly and looks like a part of it.

Similarly, you can also be a little creative and create a contrast effect. In order to this, however, your best bet would probably to go for a formal dining set that boasts a simple design and looks clearly different from the rest of the room. However, this would probably turn out to be a good idea only if the room has a modern feel to it and mostly boasts warm wooden tones.

Finally, if you tend to host weekend dinners regularly you may want to go for a dining set that comes with an extension leaf. It helps extend it to the fullest to make room for more people.

Make sure it got a formal feel to it 

Well, while going for a formal dining table set, it’s obvious that you also need to make sure it’s indeed “formal” enough. Though casual ones may sometimes seem more attractive, they obviously wouldn’t be a good option as they may not help serve the purpose.

However, nowadays, there are actually also some products that offer the ‘best of both worlds’, meaning that they can be used both as a casual and formal dining table. However, finally, it’s probably worth keeping in mind that anything too fancy may not really have a formal feel to it, and hence may not be a very good option.

What about the chairs? 

Getting a formal dining room set instead of a dining table and dining chairs separately has several advantages, and one of them is that you don’t have to bother yourself with trying to find dining chairs that would go well with the dining table. It can actually be quite a hassle, as trying to buy an ideal dining table and dining chairs separately makes it quite likely to end up with a messed up dining room set.

This can be especially true when it comes to formal dining room sets, as apparently it can be quite challenging to choose the right formal dining chairs.

That being said, while choosing a “complete” formal dining room set may make sure the chairs match the table well, and are well-built and designed. And of course, they need to have a formal feel too.

Finally, the quality of cushion support they come with is important as well. After all, if you’re going to use them regularly, they need to be comfortable and supportive enough to not make you feel uncomfortable while sitting on them.

Buying a formal dining room set from Amazon 

Well, we know most would be slightly hesitant while buying something that expensive online, without even getting a feel of the product or sitting on the chairs. However, to your surprise, buying a formal dining room set online rather than from your local furniture store may turn out to be a much better decision. Here’s why.

Wide range of products 

First things first, Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, and the range of products offered in pretty much any category is usually overwhelming. This is true even for formal dining room sets, as there seem to be many reputed brands offering different types of dining sets on the website.

Your local furniture store, on the other hand, may just be having a few types of formal dining sets. This is actually one of the biggest downsides of buying from them, as it means very limited options and hence you can’t really choose the best product for your home and may instead have to settle for one that seems to be close to what you need.

This surely isn’t the case while buying from Amazon, as there are many different types of dining sets you can choose from, giving you enough options to choose one that will be a perfect fit for your home.

Great prices 

This is another great advantage of buying your formal dining set online. We have come across many customer reviews where the buyers mention that the products they were being offered at their local furniture retailer weren’t half as good as the ones they bought (online) and were yet priced more than twice as much.

That being said, you’re sure to be able to save quite a bit of money, AND still get a product that will probably be significantly better than what you could have got for the price at a local furniture store.

Buyer protection 

This is a pretty important one. Most potential buyers feel hesitant to buy a dining set off Amazon simply because they think it can be very risky when compared to buying the product from a local retailer.

Well, this cannot be further from the truth. We have read many customer reviews where the buyers mentioned that they returned their product(s) for some genuine reasons and got a full refund. While we aren’t saying that you could never run into any issues, we simply want to point out that if you do, you’re surely going to be covered by Amazon’s buyer protection.

If the products or any of its pieces of furniture is defective or even has scratches, most sellers would be more than willing to replace them. Similarly, if you just aren’t happy with the product for some reason, you can simply return it and get your money back.

This may actually not turn out to be the case while buying from a local store. If you find out that some of the pieces of furniture the product came with are defective or have got some scratches, you may have a hard time getting them replaced, let alone getting your money back for just not liking the product.

This makes us conclude that buying from Amazon can actually be safer than buying offline. Finally, it’s also worth mentioning that many buyers share in their reviews that although they were quite skeptical, the product they received really exceeded their expectations.

Reliable reviews to help you 

While buying a formal dining set from Amazon, you can usually find a bunch of customer reviews shared by “real” buyers of the product. They can obviously help you take the right decision, and easily avoid falling for the wrong products.

This, again, surely isn’t the case while buying from a local store. The slick salesman would probably be more interested in convincing you into buying something that actually fetches him and the store a hefty profit, and not really caring much about your specific requirements.

The best formal dining room sets on the market 

So now that you know how to go about choosing an ideal formal dining room set, let’s take a look at what seem to be some of the best options on the market currently.

Acme Furniture’s 9-Piece Formal Dining Table Set 

Marvellous-Formal-Dining-Room-Sets-with-Dark-Brown-Wooden-Table-Decorated-with-Vase-Flowers-and-Beverage-also-Completed-with-Chairs-on-RugThis is one of the high-end products on the market and is designed to be a perfectly formal dining set. The design is actually also quite attractive, and sure to enhance the overall look of the room it’s placed in.

Besides being a large, 9-piece dining set, it also very durable and sturdy. Although a little pricey, it seems to be offering  a great bang for your buck as buying a similar product from a local retailer may cost significantly more.

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Coaster Home Furnishing’s 7-Piece Formal Dining Set 7 PCs Traditional Formal Dining Set

If you’re looking to create a great contrast to your modern home design, the Coaster Home Furnishing’s 7-piece dining set that boasts an attractively traditional design is going to be a great option.

The product has got a strong vintage feel to it, and is surely going to get you a ton of compliments. Furthermore, all the furniture pieces are very sturdy and easy to assemble, and the seller offers a great customer service too.

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Woodmont Solid Wood 9-Piece Formal Dining Set 

Woodmont Solid Wood Walnut Finish Formal 9-Piece Dining SetThis is a relatively low priced large 9-piece formal dining set. Coming with an elegant design and beautifully designed chairs, you seem to be getting a great value for money with this product.

A particular buyer of the product mentioned that they tried to find similar products at a local retail showroom and they were significantly pricier.

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Petersburg English Style 7-Piece Formal Dining Set 

This product really comes with a long list of features. While it actually boasts a design that’s unmatched 7-Piece Setby most other products on the market, it’s also very functional thanks to the spacious seating space and comfortable dining chairs.

The design is more on the traditional side with a formal feel to it, which just makes it a perfect formal dining set.

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Furniture of America Frederick 9-Piece Dining Table Set 

Frederick 9-Piece Dining Table SetFirst things first, if you’re looking for something very fancy, this product is NOT for you. It comes in a fairly basic and simple design, however, that doesn’t mean it’s not attractive. The elegance is actually packed in the simplicity, and this makes the overall design perfectly formal.

The chairs are very comfortable as well, and the 18-inch expandable leaf allows you to serve more guests.

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East West Furniture 7-Piece Dining Table Set 

This is a unique oval-shaped formal dining table set that’s being offered at a surprisingly affordableWood-Black-Cherry-Finish price. The design is really unique and classy, and most of the furniture pieces are made out of Asian hardwood, which means the durability is going to be great as well.

It too comes with an expandable leaf and beautiful, comfortable dining chairs.

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Merax® 5-Piece Dining Set 

5 pcs dark espressoIf you’re looking for a small formal dining table set, this product may hit the spot for you. It’s designed to be a great fit for small rooms.

It actually comes in a pretty simple and clean design, but nevertheless, it looks very elegant, attractive and formal.

It’s one of the few products out there that are suitable to be used as both casual and formal dining set. As far as the durability is concerned, let us tell you that it’s made using pine wood, which is considered to be a great material for home furniture. The assembly is easy as well.

Overall, if you’re short on space, this product may well be your best bet,

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Furniture of America Madison 7-Piece Dining Table Set Furniture of America Madison 7-Piece Dining Table Set

While the design of this product isn’t the most sophisticated or attractive out there, it really amazes when it comes to the quality and durability.

The quality of furniture is really surprising for the price, and it even comes with an expandable leaf.

Also, though the design isn’t very fancy, it’s more than capable of adding a touch of elegance to the room it’s placed in.

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Boraam 22034 Bloomington 6-Piece Dining Room Set 

81O3anUY+lL._SL1500_This product boasts a really unique, cool, and clean design. It’s definitely not something common and manages to stand out easily.

The unique design also helps it do the dual job of being a casual as well as a formal dining room set.

Most of the furniture is made out of solid hardwood, which means that the quality is going to be pretty much the best out there.

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Simple Living’s Cavendish 5-Piece Dining Set 5-piece dining

It’s a surprisingly low priced 5-piece dining table set. You usually get a decent 3-piece one at this price, but this one being a 5-piece set really does offer a great value for money.

Although the design is rather simple, it’s attractive enough. Similarly, it doesn’t disappoint on the quality front too, thanks to being made using solid rubberwood.

Finally, the chairs are comfortable as well, and the price, as mentioned above, is great for a 5-piece set.

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A Final Word

While pretty much everything shared in this article may help you find the right formal dining set for you, you also need to keep in mind that it would come down to your personal preferences as well.

Finally, the products we have reviewed above indeed seem to be some great ones, so it would indeed be wise to pick one of them depending on your needs and budget.