Acme Furniture’s 9pc Formal Dining Table & Chairs Review

There’s nothing you wouldn’t like about Acme Furniture’s 9pc formal dining table. It comes with a dining table, 6 side chairs and 2 arm chairs. While it’s not priced cheaply, it’s a true formal dining table in every sense.  With that being said, let us take a look at what exactly makes it more than worthy of its hefty price tag.  Read more reviews =>

Very Beautifully Designed

First things first, it’s made using beautiful and high-quality oak wood, which gives it a rich feel and look. The dining table and chairs come in a brown cherry finish, and look really beautiful. Each piece is amazingly designed and carved. This helps it boast an elegant look that goes well with pretty much any room, regardless of the style and design of the room.  Similarly, as mentioned above, each piece is made using beautiful oak wood, except perhaps the table legs. They don’t seem to be made using wood but look great and are pretty durable all the same.

Finally, the set is also accented with antique gold brushwork, which just doesn’t leave anything to be desired as far as the looks are concerned. It simply looks stunning and very luxurious.

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Quite Sturdy

Well, while looks and design are important, they obviously aren’t everything when it comes to a dining set. After all, when you’re buying something so expensive, you need to be sure about its durability and quality.

That being said, you would be glad to know that the Acme Furniture’s 9pc formal dining table is pretty sturdy and well built. While this also means that they are heavy, you surely shouldn’t mind it given that it shows they are quite durable and going to last you a long time.

Perfect Formal Design

You can easily tell that the dining set has got a formal feel by simply looking at it. While it’s beautiful and going to get you a ton of compliments, it has got a purely formal feel to it.

This is because it’s actually designed to be a formal dining set, and the manufacturer has apparently not left any stones unturned in making it look the way they wanted to.

A Final Word

As a matter of fact, the Acme Furniture’s 9pc formal dining table is actually available for a significantly cheaper price on Amazon. A particular customer mentioned in their review that their friend bought a similar one from a local store and it set them back around 8 grand.

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