Coaster Home Furnishing’s 7 PCs Traditional Formal Dining Set Review

If you’re a fan of traditional and vintage styles and designs, the Coaster Home Furnishings’ 7 PCs formal dining set is probably going to be your best bet. The set comes with four side chairs, two armchairs, and of course a dining table. They are all made of birch solids and veneers and boast a rich cherry finish.
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Vintage Feel and Look

As the name suggests, the set really comes with a traditional (and vintage) feel and look. However, that doesn’t mean that it features an outdated design. You can probably call it a modern design but with a traditional feel, which is something quite unique.

It looks very beautiful, with a customer mentioning in their review that they get many compliments on the set from their guests. More importantly, however, it is perfect to be used as a formal dining set, as the design has certainly got a very formal feel to it and is very elegant.

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Surprisingly Sturdy

Well, while you obviously wouldn’t expect something flimsy for the price the set is being offered at, you would probably still be surprised at how sturdy it is. The table is very big and heavy, and you probably couldn’t imagine sturdier dining table.
The other pieces are quite sturdy as well, and they are all going to last you longer than you can imagine. In fact, the sturdiness and quality of the dining set made one of the customers mention in their review that they will probably be leaving it for their grandchildren.

Easy to Assemble

Yes, you have to put together such dining tables yourself. However, unlike some other formal dining sets, it’s very easy to assemble this set, and you would be able to do it yourself pretty quickly.

Great Customer Support

A few customers have pointed out how great the customer support is, as any issues they faced while using the set were resolved in no time.

A Final Word

Finally, we would just like to point out that the set doesn’t come with a China Cabinet (apparently no set does), so you would have to buy one separately if you really need it.

Overall, you’re getting a true masterpiece for a price that actually seems to be far lower than what the set is worthy of.

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