East West Furniture 7-Piece Dining Table Set Review

This is another one of those rare formal dining room sets that don’t break the bank. Surprisingly, however, it doesn’t look like a cheap product in the slightest, and may well give some of those high-end products on the market a run for their money.  Read More Reviews=>

That being said, here’s what it has to offer.

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Classic design

This dining set boasts an exceptionally attractive and sophisticated design that would add a touch of elegance in any room it’s placed in. It’s more than capable of serving you as a formal dining set, given its classic design and exceptional style.

It comes in an oval shape, which just adds to the uniqueness and attractiveness of the design. The espresso color provides the perfect final touch.

Made using high-quality material

Usually, you don’t find the package of great price, exceptional design and amazing durability. However, the East West Furniture 7-piece dining table really goes the extra mile and manages to offer all the three advantages.

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That being said, it’s made using high-quality Asian hardwood, which is probably one of the best materials to be used for home furniture.

It feels perfectly sturdy though doesn’t really seem to be very heavy.

18-inch self-storage extension leaf

One of the common issues associated with relatively smaller dining sets like this one is the lack of space. This can really turn out to be a major disadvantage when there are more guests than the dining set can really accommodate.

However, you may not really come across such problems with this set, as it comes with an 18-inch self-storage extension leaf that you can use to make more space.

Beautiful and comfortable chairs

The chairs are made using high-quality hardwood as well. However, the material used also ensures that the chairs offer a high level of comfort.

The soft-padded seats the chairs come with further add to the comfort. While they make you feel very comfortable while sitting on them, they are also exceptionally well-built and designed.

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A Final Word

Honestly speaking, there really doesn’t seem to be any downsides to this product. However, one thing’s for sure. If you’re looking for a relatively small and highly affordable formal dining room set, the East West Furniture 7-piece dining room set may surely hit the spot for you.

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