A Look at the Different Types of Dining Tables (and Sets) Out There

Well, choosing the right dining table or set can turn out to be incredibly challenging, what with the wide range of options available out there. Most people who don’t have much experience with different types of dining sets are bound to get overwhelmed with so many options, making it more likely to end up picking the wrong one.

With that being said, it makes sense to do some research about the different types of dining tables or sets out there so that you can choose the one that seems to be meeting all your needs well. We will be walking you through some of the best options in this article, as well as some of the best products out there.

Counter Height Dining Set 

The major difference between a counter height dining set and a standard height dining set is obviously the height. The former tends to be taller than the latter, which makes it an ideal choice if you’re looking for a dining set for your kitchen to use as a prep area.

They usually also have a rather casual feel to them, meaning that you may not want to go for them if you’re looking for a formal dining set.

If you’re looking for a casual dining set, however, they may very well hit the spot for you. They make it easier to converse with people standing in the room, as well as make the room seem more spacious.

They are considered a great choice for small rooms, especially when you want to create a relaxed, casual atmosphere in the room.

Let us now take a look at some of the best counter height dining sets out there that may offer a great value for money and enhance the overall look of your dining room.

Mainstays 5-piece Counter Height Dining Set 

It’s a very beautiful dining set being offered for a surprisingly affordable price. You would usually expect to get nothing more than a quality dining table at this price, but you’re getting 51vEC-RSG4Lan amazing value for money with this product as it’s a complete dining set.

However, this in no way means that the quality isn’t good enough. The set boasts an all-wood construction, and the table is made out of solid rubberwood. The chairs are made using high-quality materials too, so you really are getting a great bang for your buck with this product.

It seats 4 people comfortably, and is very sturdy and durable. The assembly is a breeze as well, and it comes in a warm cherry finish that makes it look very attractive.

Most of its buyers are all praise for the product, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider this product regardless of what your needs are.

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Coaster 5pc Counter Height Dining Table and 4 Barstools Set  

This is a really premium quality product and boasts a rather sophisticated style and design. Coming in a cappuccino51Cm9S5hqTL finish, it’s sure to go well with any modern interior.

As far as the quality is concerned, you will be amazed that one of its buyers updated their review of the product after 7 years to add that it’s still working great though there are a few signs of wear here and there. This just speaks volumes about the quality and durability of the product.

Coming to the pricing, the same customer mentioned that a similar set was available at their local furniture store for twice the price.

Finally, the assembly is easy enough as well and the set looks great. For the price, you can’t really go wrong with this product.

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Furniture of America Frederick 9-Piece Counter Height Table Set 

81GfP6Ey7FL._SL1500_This is obviously a very large dining set well suited for large rooms and families. It comes in a rich espresso finish and boasts an attractively modern design.

It’s made using solid wood with probably the table top being made out of wood vaneer. A really unique feature of the product is its 16-inch expandable leaf. It allows you to make room to accommodate more guests, though the set itself is actually quite large.

It can seat 8 people with ease but it’s a little time-consuming to put together, which is probably the only downside.

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Extending Dining Table 

Well, now that we’re done discussing the counter height dining tables and sets, let’s move on to another type of dining tables, the extending dining table.

An extending table is exactly what it suggests – a “extending dining table”. Basically, you can simply expand it into a really large-sized dining table if need be. If not, you can simply expand it a little less or not expand it at all, depending on how many people you want it to accommodate.

Its biggest advantage is its versatility. It can help save quite a bit of space without compromising on the functionality or size.

With that being said, let’s take a look at what seem to be some of the best extending tables out there.

Modus Furniture Extending Dining Table 

81otcLBKB2L._SL1500_First things first, this product is made out of solid wood, meaning that the quality and durability is sure to be of the highest level. The brown finish and attractive design makes it look great as well.

The table is extendable up to 95 inches from 63 inches, and comes with two extendable leaves, 16 inches each.

The build-quality is pretty solid, and it has no signs of vaneer at all, meaning that it should last you a really long time without much wear.

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Furniture of America Denver Extending Square Dining Table 

61cs+lQCw+L._SL1500_If you’re looking for an extending table that comes with a great design and a touch of elegance, this product may end your search. Boasting a walnut finish and made out of solid wood and wood vaneers, this dining table does look really attractive and should go well with any type of modern interiors.

It comes with just one 12-inch extendable leaf, meaning that it’s not as large or “extendable” as the one reviewed above. However, this also makes it perfect for small dining rooms.

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Mission Style Expanding Dining Table 

51yAPpZnuuL._SL1000_This is a really compact expanding dining table. However, surprisingly, it can still be quite large, thanks to coming with two additional expanding leaves.

It also stands out as a unique dining table by coming with a hidden fifth leg for extra support. It looks great as well, and blends in with the other furniture in your room perfectly.

It’s made using premium quality wood, and is very sturdy and well-built.

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Refectory Table 

By definition, a refectory table is a long, narrow table. However, there’s actually a lot more to it, as it has a rather interesting and long history, but we won’t really get into that.

The base of a refectory table is usually joined with a wooden slat or stretcher, which is probably one of the primary differences between a refectory table and other types. Also, thanks to its history that we just mentioned about, it also has a very traditional and vintage look and feel to it, which is definitely something that doesn’t fail to impress many or get you a ton of compliments.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the refectory tables out there available for different prices.

Sanctuary Refectory Table 

61u78DIytfL._SL1200_This is probably a true refectory table in all aspects. It looks vintage and sure to give a new, enhanced look to any room it’s placed in.

It comes with two 22-inch leaves, which makes it look really huge when expanded to its full capacity. It boasts a solid hardwood and oak vaneers construction, so the quality and durability is not going to be an issue for a long time to come as well.

For using it as a dining table, you would obviously have to buy dining chairs separately. However, it should easily be able to accommodate as many as 10 people, just as one of the buyers pointed out in their review.

While the price may seem to be on the higher side, once you unpack it, you would realize that it’s indeed worth the price.

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Modus Furniture 8FM261 

81HndfCX7xL._SL1500_This one actually seems to be a combination of a refectory and an extending table. It has got a vintage look and feel to it all the same, though,

As far as the quality is concerned, it’s made using Acacia solid wood, which is popular for its natural protective qualities and great look. It’s obviously also very durable, of course.

It comes with two leaves that can be used on both sides of the table, which allows accommodating 6-8 people when fully extended.

The table is very heavy, sturdy and durable. It looks really beautiful, and with the right dining chairs, is sure to bring out the best in your dining room.

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Modus Furniture 7Z4861R

51WyTRJpKeLThis one’s a gorgeous refectory-style dining table. It’s made out of high-quality Acacia solid wood, which is probably one of the materials that can be used in home furniture.

It comes with extensions as well, and it claims to seat up to 8 people when fully expanded. It features a cross-design when fully expanded, which makes it look really elegant and attractive, and just perfect for casual dining.

Finally, though it may seem that it’s a little pricey, it actually seems to be offering a great value for money given its great looks, modern design and being easy to clean.

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Glass Dining Table and Chairs 

Over the past few decades, there have been many new types of dining sets being introduced, and the glass ones are one of them. They are as innovative and modern as they come, and if you’re looking to make your dining room stand out and have a dining table that doesn’t fail to catch your guests’ attention, a glass dining table and chairs are definitely something you would want to consider.

So let’s just cut to the chase and get to some of the best glass dining table sets out there.

Monarch Tempered Glass Dining Table 

518hLvdvZ+LFirst things first, the design and looks of this particular round glass dining table would simply blow you away. It just looks absolutely stunning.

Now coming to something that seems to be a bit of an issue when it comes to glass dining tables, this product doesn’t seem to be prone to any kind of damage at all. In fact, it’s very sturdy and heavy, thanks to the base being made of solid hardwood.

However, you may just want to have someone to help you with the assembly, as it can be a little tricky.

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Roundhill Furniture Leatherette Padded Parson Chair 

818eYlFcRkL._SL1500_If you’re also looking to buy dining chairs that will match the above mentioned table perfectly, you may want to check out the Roundhill’s leatherette padded chairs. They seem very affordably priced, yet don’t seem to compromise on the quality.

They also look great and perhaps are the best match for a glass dining table. They are sold as a set of 2 so buying a couple of sets should help you put together a complete glass dining table set.

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Coaster Dining Table with Tempered Glass 

This product too, just like the one reviewed above, looks extremely beautiful. Unlike the above product, it’s a rectangular table, though.

However, just like the above product, it’s very sturdy and should hold up well over time. Finally, some buyers mention that the customer service is great as well, which is a huge plus when you’re buying a glass dining table, as there’s always a possibility of ending up getting a damaged product.

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Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Dining Chairs

If you couldn’t already tell, these chairs are the recommended option to go for with the glass dining table reviewed above. It’s from the same seller, and the chairs look great with the table.

It’s actually being sold as a set of 4 chairs, so buying one is all you would need to do to have a complete dining table set up.

The chairs are very comfortable to sit on and the metal legs they come with look great and go well perfectly well with the design of the glass table.

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A Final Word 

All the above mentioned products and types of dining tables and sets can actually be great options depending on your requirements.

So based on your needs, you should definitely consider going with one of them. Not only will it help you save quite a bit of money, but also make sure that you get pretty much the best you could for your dining room.