Merax® 5-Piece Dining Set Review

First things first, this is one of the smaller dining sets on the market that’s designed for only 4 people. It comes with one dining table and four (4) well-designed chairs. This obviously also means a much lower price than most of the bigger sets out there. It costs significantly less than a 9-piece or 7-piece dining set. Read More Reviews=>

So if you think this is what you’re looking for, you may want to read on about its features below.

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Simple yet attractive

This dining set doesn’t really come with any hints of sophistication, or even a unique design for that matter. It boasts a rather simple and “clean” design.

However, its attractiveness really lies in its simplicity. The simple design, coupled with the rich dark espresso finish, really makes it look attractive and kind of different from the other products out there.

Similarly, it still manages to enhance the look of your room, as despite the simple design it does come with a feel of elegance.

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Suitable for both formal and casual setting

There don’t really seem to be many products out there that would be suitable for both formal and casual settings. While you can obviously always use even a purely formal dining set for casual dining and vice versa, they surely won’t be “suitable” to be used that way.

That being said, you really get the added advantage of being able to use it both as a formal and casual dining set with this product.

Comfortable PU leather seats

Although smaller, it’s really surprising for the product to come with such comfortable seats given the incredibly low price. The seats are made using high-quality PU leather which is apparently vegan and still durable enough.

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Made using pine wood

Pine wood is believed to be one of the best types of materials to be used for making home furniture. This dining set is made using pine wood, which not only helps it boast attractive looks but also ensures a high level of durability.

A Final Word

Finally, it’s also worth adding that the set comes with detailed instructions that make the assembly very easy.

If you’re looking for a smaller and affordable dining room set that you may be able to use for both formal and casual settings, the Merax® 5-piece dining set may really be worth considering.

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