Petersburg English Style 7-Piece Formal Dining Table Set Review

The Petersburg 7-piece formal dining table set is another great product on the market that offers a great bang for your buck. It’s being sold by 247SHOPATHOME, the same seller that also sells some other great dining tables at attractive prices. Read More Reviews=>

So without further ado, let’s delve a little deeper into the features of this product.

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The design would blow you away

That’s right! The Petersburg 7-piece formal dining table set boasts a really unique design, especially given that there aren’t many good options out there on this front when it comes to formal dining sets.

Each of the 7 pieces come with a design that’s really unmatched by most other products in the segment. The rich cherry finish further adds to the amazing look of the set.

You may also want to note that the set actually sports a traditional design, which is something best suited for formal occasions. However, surprisingly, it looks just as modern as traditional, which is exactly why we think it’s so unique.

Spacious seating space

This is actually a very important feature of any dining set, formal or otherwise. However, more often than not, it’s ignored, which is actually quite surprising.

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This is also something that leads to buyers complaining about being unhappy with the product, despite it boasting a great design. After all, while a great design may indeed may be a great thing, if it doesn’t accommodate the diners comfortably, it’s obviously not a great product overall.

With that being said, the Petersburg 7-piece formal dining table ensures that more than enough space is available for all the diners to sit comfortably, without even having to sit too close to one another.

Comfortable chairs

Another extremely important feature of a dining set is the comfort offered by the chairs it comes with. This is also a true test of the quality of the set, as the poor ones would usually use low quality fabric in the chairs which wouldn’t be much comfortable.

However, apparently, this doesn’t seem to be the case with the Petersburg dining set, as all the eight chairs (two armchairs and rest side chairs) it comes with are made using high quality fabric that make them really comfortable to sit on.

A Final Word

Finally, it’s probably worth adding that if you were to find a similar formal dining set at an offline retailer, it would set you back significantly more than what it’s being offered at on Amazon.

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