Privacy Policy

We find it important to protect the privacy of our visitors. We don’t intend to misuse the information collected from our visitors in any way.

That being said, here are the things that form a part of our privacy policy.

Log Files 

Like most websites out there, we collect various types of information about our visitors, including, but may not be limited to, the browser used, internet protocol (IP) addresses, Internet Service Provider (ISP), user activity on the site such as the pages browsed, date/time stamp, number of clicks, time spent on the site, demographic information and more.

However, we never try to collect any information that is personally identifiable.


Again, just like most other websites, we use cookies to store information about our users, which are usually specific to the user’s activity on our site. This helps us customize our site better to meet our users’ requirements.

Linking to Third-Party Sites 

Formal Dining Guide also links out to one or more third-party sites which it may not have a direct relationship with. These third-party sites also include the sites advertising on our site.

When you click on these links, you will be sent to these third-party sites. However, they may all have their own different privacy policy, which may not be related to our privacy policy in any way.

We obviously may not have access or control to such sites or their privacy policy, and hence cannot be held responsible for any of their activities, or if any damage is caused to you in any way.

You can always disable cookies in your browser manually. More information may be found at your respective browser’s official website.