Tips for Choosing the Right Dining Table

Choosing a dining table hasn’t remained the simple affair it perhaps used to be a decade back or so. Nowadays, there are a lot of things to consider, especially given that it’s not only considered to be something to sit around and have dinner, but can also be a great focal point in your room if you know how to choose the right dining set.

Also, as it can be a very expensive investment, you would probably want to buy one that lasts you forever or at least for a long time. This makes it important that the table is strong and durable. However, there are also several other things to make sure, such as seating a good many people and being perfectly sized for your dining room. The right size helps ensure that it doesn’t look out of place and leaves enough space to move around.

With that being said, we will be walking you through a number of great tips for choosing the right dining table based on your needs. Depending on what you’re looking for and your needs, some of them may turn out to be incredibly useful and help you choose the dining table that will be a perfect fit for your dining room and a great addition to your home’s interior.

Quality is crucial 

As mentioned above, a dining table can be very expensive. You surely wouldn’t want to get a new one every few years. Hence, you need to be sure that the one you buy is actually durable enough to last a really long time, if not forever.

That being said, you really need to be a little picky when it comes to the materials used for making the table. Solid hardwood is definitely one of the best out there, and sure to last a good many years of wear and tear.

While tables made only using solid hardwood or other types of solid wood may be very durable, even the ones that come with a little wood vaneer may not disappoint on the durability front. However, the latter may not turn out to be as durable as the ones that are made using only solid hardwood.

Similarly, the ones made using composite or engineered woods, too, may be reasonably durable, but may sure not be able to offer the level of durability that the ones made using solid wood do.

So what about glass tables?

Well, if solid wood tables are the most durable, the glass ones would be absolutely flimsy, right? Wrong!

Nowadays, the glass dining tables are designed in a really innovative way as well, and may really surprise you on the durability front. They are usually made using tempered glass, which is very durable and doesn’t shatter easily even if knocked.

It’s also very resistant to heat and scratches, so basically you may not have to face any issues that you imagine of when you think about glass dining tables.

In fact, a glass-top dining table may be a great addition to modern interiors boasting a décor theme. It makes the whole space look brighter and lighter, something that always enhances the overall look of your home.

Are you always on the move? 

For those who don’t tend to stay put, choosing a dining table that’s portable is very important. Similarly, choosing a table that’s lightweight and compact would be ideal.

However, this doesn’t mean that you would have to compromise on the size of the table, especially if you got a large family or would need to accommodate more guests in the future. You can simply get an extending dining table, which can be compact as well as (reasonably) lightweight, yet very portable and easy to carry.

Choosing the shape 

A terrible mistake while choosing a dining table is perhaps not considering the factors associated with the shape of the table other than the looks. Sure, the looks do matter, but if you don’t focus much on the other factors too, you may well end up getting a dining table that isn’t practically an ideal fit for your dining room.

That being said, taking into consideration the size of your room is very important. If you have got a small dining room and still need to seat more guests, a round dining table with a reasonably high diameter may be your best bet. It wouldn’t make your room look messy and leave enough space to move around comfortably, but may still be able to seat a good number of people.

However, if you have got a large room and space isn’t a problem, you may want to go for a rectangular dining table that’s large enough to fill the center part of your room and seat more guests. Similarly, if you have got a large room but there’s also some other furniture that’s taking a bit of space, you may want to consider a triangle dining table. Probably not the most popular, but depending on your requirements it may turn out to be a great fit for the room.

Choosing the color wisely

Another common mistake people do when buying a dining set is going for trending colors. While they may seem great now, it may just be a matter of time before they go out of fashion.

That being said, it makes sense to go with colors that are classic and never go out of style. These mainly include red, blue and yellow.

Red is indeed a very popular color, especially when it comes to rooms boasting an Asian theme. Although basic, it may create a focal point in the room. It also tends to work well for most types of rooms and designs, including the modern ones.

Black is a double-edged sword! 

While dining tables coming in the black color are always believed to be very elegant and cool, they may not be the right choice for you.

This is especially true given that even the smallest of scratches may be very noticeable on a black dining table, and with a few years of wear and tear, it definitely wouldn’t look nowhere near to being as cool as it did when you bought it.

However, if you’re sure you can be careful enough, they can obviously still be a great choice.