Woodmont Solid Wood Walnut Finish Formal 9-Piece Dining Set Review

This is another great formal dining room set on Amazon that’s being offered for a relatively low price. It’s a 9-piece set, coming with 6 side chairs, 2 armchairs and a beautifully designed dining table. All the pieces boast an attractive, rich walnut finish.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at what exactly it brings to the table. Read More Reviews =>

Elegant Design

While a great design may be common in many of the dining sets being offered on Amazon, this one really stands out with the table having scrolled edgings and beautifully designed chairs. However, it doesn’t look very fancy but has a simple, formal look.

It’s very attractive all the same, though, and many of the customers who bought the product mentioned in their reviews that they get compliments from pretty much everyone who visits their home.

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Comfortable Chairs

The seller has been careful enough to not let the design get in the way of comfort. The chairs are very comfortable, and probably wouldn’t make you feel tired or uncomfortable even if you sit on them for longer than you usually do.

Great Value

A particular customer mentioned in their review how they got a great value with this dining set. According to them, similar dining room sets are available in local retail showrooms for well over 2 grand, and hence getting to buy this one for considerably less than that is certainly a great deal.

Professional Installation

While the assembly is easy enough, putting together the chairs may turn out to be a little time consuming. That said, if you want the assembly to be taken care by a professional, you can simply order their service as well while buying the product.

Shipping Issues

Well, there seems to be a little issue when it comes to the shipping. While the seller uses a reputed shipping partner, the final delivery is done by a local shipping company. So this may mean different results for different people.

In other words, there may be a slight delay in getting the product delivered in some cases.

A Final Word

One thing that wasn’t mentioned above is that the build quality is solid and the product would certainly stand the test of time.

With that being said, the 247SHOPATHOME’s formal 9-piece dining set is definitely a better alternative to the (usually overpriced) dining sets you find at your local retailers.

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